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Sample Solutions

ICA has developed several cutting edge solutions for global benefits issues facing multinationals, such as:
  • TIBS (The International Benefits Solution), provides a tax-efficient, administratively simple solution for pre-funding retirement benefits for globalist employees and key local nationals with convenient, Web-based administration. Your plan design can use our cost-efficient "off the shelf" US 401(k)-style approach with a choice of world-class investment managers, or may be totally customized to a cash-balance, defined benefit, or hybrid approach. 

    Non-retirement benefits may also be offered in a tax-efficient manner.

    (Powerpoint, 125Kb)
  • MCAPV (Multi-Country Asset Pooling Vehicle)

    Multinational corporations are increasingly coordinating the management of the assets of their local pension plans around the world. In particular, they see significant quality and cost benefits in utilizing a common group of investment managers for similar asset classes across their pension plans worldwide.

    In fact, leading international asset consulting firms have suggested that reductions in investment costs and use of “A-Team” investment consultants for each asset class worldwide could increase global investment return by 50 to 100 basis points – a huge number for global firms with extensive international assets.

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